Urban Treasure Hunters, Oakland, Alameda and San Francisco, CA Urban Treasure Hunters!

Back in the day, Professor Curtis rented and sold Conspiracy Videos, Adult Videos, Collectibles, and other odd shit!
The sign on the side of the building read;

FAMOUS CULT VIDEOS, Berkeley CA 1990-1999 R.I.P.

Now we frequent;
Auctions, Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Garage Sales,
Online Sales, Storage Lockers, and we frequently visit Thrift Store. We also shop and buy online!

I'm trying out BONANZA.com.
Looks good, so far. Try it, you'll like it!

PoshMark is my new favorite website. We sell vintage clothing on this site and the response is fabulous!
My overall preferred online sales site for Urban Treasures and Collectibles is EBAY!

(For the best results, open the store links in a seperate tap.)

These are the items currently for sale at my online sites!

Currently, my best selling items are these Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead pins. I sell them for $4.95 each and $4.00 for the mailing cost on several websites. This lot was an "Early-Bird" Flea Market find. The stuff is out there. And we must be out there too. When we seek, we do find.

Pin Backs, Brooches, Silver, and Collectibles
and other Urban Treasures, now being sold online!
(Updated 12/21/19)

Christmas 'til Valentine's day are the best days for online sales! See some of my Treasures from the past below.

Revived and Appreciated Junk!

This is why I decided to stop selling at public gatherings.

Attempting to work the Flea Market as a business, has become more of a gamble than an asset. Frankly, one guy attempting to work at the Flea Market by himself, is exhausting. You can't watch every customer or stop people from ripping you off. Also, the low prices, the profits and the quality of merchandise that existed back in the olden days of the 80's and 90's, are gone!
These days, as a buyer I can still get lucky by being in the right place, at the right time. Having some knowledge of what I am looking at and having cash in hand, it is easy to make the right purchase and end up make a handsome profit. That is what drives Urban Treasure Hunters forward, finding that item! This freedom, the usage of time and money and of course the lifestyle that goes with it, is what this website is all about.

Turning Urban Treasures into cash and Crypto Currencies, based on personal knowledge or sometimes just luck, is your gravy in life. If you are retired, unmotivated and tired of sitting on your ass watching television, becoming an Urban Treasure Hunter might be the best thing that could ever happen to you. The downside is that if you are not careful about what you are buying, you could end up living like a hoarder in a house full of worthless clutter. The upside is that you will find what you seek, explore new avenues in life and make new friends in doing so. It's a hobby, a small income and a way of life, all in one. Come, jump in and explore. My five favorites collectibles are; Art Work, Old Toys, .925 Silver Items, Odd Stuff, Handwritten Items, and Vintage Clothing. Sometimes, I'll get more than lucky and find an interesting book or small mailable collectible.
If you step into Urban Treasure Hunting with an open mind, you do not have to be someone's employee to make money. You too can escape your debt and the expectations of the illuminated Rat Race and jump free with stacks of valuable assets.

The Truth About The Antique Market

Antiques are losing their value because our customers are selling off these beautiful items, to make space in their homes, to take in needy relatives. Would you leave your Brother to sleep in the streets so that you could preserve your late Auntie's chest-of-drawers? Items that were once collectible, for example, Tin Toy Robots, Comics and other childhood toys that are in very good to excellent condition have become family heirlooms, just as 1960's modern furniture, art, and artifacts have become more valuable than land in the flooded Midwest.
Books, Baseball Cards, and other printed matter have lost value since Amazon has made listing books so easy and common. What was once rare is now available online in a variety of conditions. However, you would be astonished at what you can buy at a Flea Market for $20.00 on a slow day because people need your cash, not clutter. Urban Treasure Hunters are most often, morning people. We arm ourselves with Flashlights, handi-wipes, magnifying glass, a strong magnet, cash $1's, $5's, and $10's, and a shoulder bag to stash your purchases in. Most of us wear hats.

Professor Curtis 07/04/12 -
This photo was taken at the Alameda Antique Faire,
Retouched with a background enhancer on 12/24/19.

I proudly wear my Taxi Hat to the markets to allow people to recognize me quickly. Some of us have small offices inisde of our Mini Vans, complete with envelopes, bubble wrap and packaging tape. Also, I carry a walking stick for my balance and for my self-defense, a flashlight and a magnifying glass. Being an Urban Treasure Hunter is all about bthinking outside of the box. You are going out into an unmonitored buying situation to find over-looked treasures. Urban Treasure Hunters are of every description, young, old, Black, White, Asian, Latino, Male, Female, foreign and domestic; all folks are included here. The more you know, the better off you will be. Knowledge is your advantage.
English skills are not mandatory. I found out the hard way that most foreigners are better at arguing down the price of an item than the average American Citizen. My wife Betty is really good at this. You should negotiate everything! It is not a crime to ask for a better price, especially when you are purchasing multiple items and paying in cash. You can make your own rules up as you go along. There is just one rule, avoid screwing people over. Shit will happen, just don't be an asshole about it. Some upsetting situations cannot be avoided. When there is money and sometimes egos on the table, negotiations can turn personal. Overall, be willing to walkaway from any material item that you see. There are plenty enough goodies to please everybody on this good Earth. Maybe you missed one item today, but tomorrow, or next week, you will find an over-looked urban treasure. Often, you only have to try again, to win in the end.

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