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If you're over 60 years old, you are the last line of defense, like Dunkirk, we are Plan B. That is why they want us to keep our old assess at home. These world governments know far more than they are letting on. They know that what is upon us, is not the flu. Also, "it" has been here for several weeks already. There is no point in closing the borders now, just keep the people calm until the meteor hits. And that is exactly what they are doing. The meteor is the broken Supply Chain.

UPDATED; $8.3 Billion has been allocated to fight "The Virus" and the "Homeless" ~Problems COMBINED! ($2.5 Billion ~ WAIT, EVEN MORE ADDED on 03/04/20 ~ NOW IT'S $8.3 Billion) Dollars for Covid-19 (Homelessness spreads the Virus.) Regarding the homeless; Hillary said this during the 2016 presidential campaign; " Some people need to be in camps." I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.

The Virus and the Broken Supply Chain are 2 completely different stories! ITEOTWAWKI (It's the end of the world as we know it.) The Center for Disease Control is telling folks to prepare for shortages of medical supplies only. Neither the CDC or anyone else in authority is telling the people to prepare for the long-haul. Nothing is presently being shipped here from China, absolutely nothing!
Please, just think about what I am saying. Thanks! ~ Prof.

What happens when the supply chain is broken. Most people in China are not working, 400 million people are under quarantine. Businesses are not shipping. Tankers and cargo ships are clogging up the ports of entry. The workers are not getting paid. Their cash is being refused by merchants because it might have the virus on it. People are scared! It could take 6 months to a year to get the broken supply chain "back to normal" in China. On the other hand, we might not ever see the abundance of goods that we have today, ever again.

How will the USA continue without the luxury of cheap Chinese Imports?!
Look at the markets fall!

because it's not the flu!
Russia, North Korea, and Hong Kong have closed their borders to China!

Wuhan Corona Virus flight diverted! The Government heard me.
Now, please inform the people! Save some lives!

Wuhan, China virus evacuees will be deposited in San Francisco?
OMG! This is why we prep! ~ R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

2020 Predictions, an uplifting message, and creating a prosperous New Year! 01/01/20 Prof.
See my previous prediction for 2020 below.

The 2020s Decade of Drones, Robots, Hunger, and Homelessness
22 Predictions Based on Current News & Events ~ Prof. 11/23/19
Artificial Intelligence, Drones, and Robots are coming for your job.
Zerohedge article; Deutsche Bank to replace 18,000 jobs with A.I. Robots. 11/20/19

Strange but true. The U.S. Government owes WAY more than it is worth.
Dollars only cute pieces of paper, backed by nothing! Get some solid wealth, Gold and Silver!

The truth behind the numbers. Take a peek. You will be astonished!

And What The Debt Clock is Revealing Right Now.
A video by ITM TRADING, INC., An Excellent Alternative News Source. Newsdeck is an
t too real for the Main Stream Media, can be found on this website.
Conspiracy Theories are found here too. Come on in and check it out!.

Get be prepared to physically defend yourself in 2020!

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Trading in Crypto-Currency since 2016.
I am buying more Veritaseum! 11/19 Prof.

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