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Who is the Prof?

Professor Curtis is a Bay Area Native. I was an angry and frustrated American Debtor. I have been Married 17 years in a row. I am a Graduate of San Jose State University with a degree in Graphic Design, but couldn't find a job. I had decided to study art to perfect my ability to think outside of the box. And so I could make a way, when there was no way.

New Years Resolution #1; Don't Get Pimped!
I have been a Shop Keeper, a Hunter-Gatherer, a Flea Marketeer and a Bitcoin Entrepreneur.

My life has never been perfect. I have had it all, and I lost it all. I have been to the mountain top, and I have filed for Bankruptcy. I have both rode tall in the saddle and pressed forward in life empowered only by my faith. My wife and I survived a Fraudclosure in 2010, and now we live to warn you about what we see coming in this current financial climate.

If it were not for friends like; Sister Rain with that New York City accent, Modern Michale Katz and Big Steve Carter, my wife and I would not have survived to tell our story. These people and several other helped us when we were down and out, while my precious family, who knew that we were in serious trouble, stood back and did nothing but watch, almost as if they wanted us to fail. When these firey tests take place in your life, you will consider giving up. This thought will cross your mind because you are overwhelmed. My best advice is this, take life one-day-at-a-time. All that you have to do is to survive this day. Tomorrow is another day. Today is all that matters. When things fall apart, you will face all of the truths of your life. I got to see my true self, and I also got to see the true faces of the people that were around me. Some folks are in our lives for what they can get out of us. These are the people that will be the first to run out on you and the last to look back and help you, regardless of your previous relationship. Others are sincere, and they are our true friends. Even strangers will see that you are attempting to help yourself and they will assist you because you are for real. So don't give up on the human race yet. Just find out who the leeches are in your life and cut them loose. Test your people now. Ask them for a cash loan, or help moving, or assistance with a sick loved one and listen carefully to their response. Make an appointment with them to meet with you next week to complete the task and act as if the situation is real. You will see how just how real your friends are. If the friend that you asked for a loan shows up with cash, reward them with cash. If your friend shows up to help you move, order pizza and beer and have a party. If your friend shows up to help you with a sick loved one, HUG THEM! When the Shit hits the fan, all things and all of the people in your life will be revealed for who and what they are, and what is revealed will either empower you or destroy you.

In summary the website is about "The Lifestyle of a Free "O.G's.". Having some gravy with your sweet potato and chicken dinner. I spend my time hunting and gathering unique urban treasures at Flea Markets, Estate Sales, and Online, then I either trade, resell, gift or keep the item for profit or personal reasons.

If you are not familiar with how the Antique and Collectible businesses work, then you would be astonished at how many people are in evolved in this lifestyle of buying and selling collectibles for a profit. Most of the sellers on eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, Listia are there for this purpose. Many of the Sellers on Amazon are affiliates, pushing corporate sells for a small commission. Most of the private Sellers on Amazon have quit because of Amazon's liberal return policy. The Antique and Collectible stores that existed in the past have gone ONLINE. There is only a few Antique and Collectible store left in the Oakland, Berkeley area, mainly due to the cost of keeping the door open. Several shops now operate "By Appointment Only."

Open your mind. You do not have to be someone's employee. You too can escape your debt and the expectations of the illuminated Rat Race and become free.

Professor, is that you in those commercials?
Truthfully, no. Our small world has similar faces and ideas. What is far out, is to witness this fact, right before my eyes. This guy must be my long lost first Cousin!

Attention O.G.'s, Parents of Adult Children and true believers;

Tomorrow's wealth will be hidden in the 2nd Dimension.

Over the last 30 years, I have sold at Flea Markets, Trade Fairs, Estate Sales, Garage Sales and I have even spent years selling behind at brick and mortar, which includes ten years at my shop.
Well, I am here to tell you that times have changed. Antiques are losing their value because our customers are selling off these beautiful items, to make space in their homes, to take in needy relatives. Would you leave your Brother to sleep in the streets so that you could preserve your late Auntie's chest-of-drawers? Items that were once collectible, for example, Tin Toy Robots, Comics and other childhood toys that are in very good to excellent condition have become family heirlooms, just as 1960's modern furniture, art, and artifacts have become more valuable than land in the flooded Midwest.
Books, Baseball Cards, and other printed matter have lost value since Amazon has made listing books so easy and common. What was once rare is now available online in a variety of conditions.
You would be astonished at what you can buy a Flea Market for $20. on a slow day because people need your cash, not their stuff. Gold and Silver have no value to the average young adults. To them Gold, Silver, Fine Antiques and even cash money is: "...so last Century".
The youth of today are not craftsmen. Their skill is using their $700. iPhones. Last year, I was selling at the Berkeley Flea Market when a friend of mine, Gerald, walked up and asked if I knew how to adjust his cell phone. Well, I couldn't help him with that. And so he turns about and says, "I know, I'll ask one of these kids." Then he stops, some random guy, age twenty two-ish and says, "Hey man, can you help me with this phone?" The kid perks up, and with a hardy, "Well sure" instantly fixes Geralds' cell phone problem. iPhone World is the world that the youth of today thrive in. We call it the 2nd Dimension, they call it home. Today's wealth is hidden, on PayPal, in Game tokens, or in Bitcoin and other Crypto-currencies but most definitely, real wealth is hidden online.
The future of money is online.

Silver has lost half of its value in the last three years and might not recover until there is some technological breakthrough or financial meltdown that requires the use of Silver as either a new medium or because of its new value. Our fears, from our yesterdays, inspire us to be prepared for anything and everything from Blackouts to Natural Disasters and this includes crooked politicians.

The youth don't see what we see. They don't want to know what we know, they have iPhones, and their iPhones tell them what to think, what to buy and what to do next. I see them at the Flea Markets. The youth that I am referring to are mainly under 30 years old. They must consult with their iPhones before they can make any purchasing decision. And I am speaking of making a purchasing decision down to the level of a used $2.00 LP.
They are not protesting for change. They do not believe in Free Speech or our right of to self-defense or ownership of personal property. The entire economy is turning into a cashless society because the youth live in fear of making a mistake. They do not believe in or uphold their or our right to privacy. Blockchain technology is not about maintaining our privacy. Using a fingerprint to open their iPhones is "Cool" to them and far too traceable for most of us to consider.

So what I am saying here is simple. Look at the youth of today, look closely. What you see today will be the norm tomorrow. Do you remember the "Knockout Game" that the youth were into about a year go? The youth thought that they were funny. They think that beating up homeless people is funny.

Would you be ready to hit the road with only a 30-minute warning? Just supposing that you were living in Houston during the flooding, or visiting Santa Rosa during the fire. What can you carry on you that cannot be stolen from you by an armed gang? Get yourself a Bitcoin stuffed wallet and keep some stash online, hidden in the 2nd Dimension, where no one but you can get to it. Are you worried about the loss of your electronic data in the case of an EMP attack or something. Don't worry. If something that big were to happen, society as we knew it would end for all of us, simultaneously.
Thank you. Prof. 10-22-2017

Note of interest;
on January 1, 2016 Bitcoin was selling @$428.00.

This world and the future belong to the youth. The youth trusts their electronics, and that is how businesses will be run in the future. The difference between Cryptos, Metals, and Stocks is that you do not have to wait for years to reap your profit in Cryptos. The youth thrive on instant gratification. I realize that these kids were up to something because they had money, but they didn't seem to do much. All of their parents couldn't be Rock Stars. They had to be up to something. It took several months of research before I heard JSnip4 of YouTube fame say that everyone should own at least 1 Bitcoin. (November 2015) At that time Bitcoin was priced at $488.00. And so I looked into it. Now I invest in these 5 Assets; Gold, Silver, Cryptos, Cash, and Food because nothing in the future is guaranteed. Back in 2015, I was just stacking Silver, and I did not realize a profit. Now I can buy Silver with Crypto coin profits through JM Bullion. Now I am stacking, and I am diversified! It appears to me that Gold will take off first thanks to China and Russia. President Trump loves Gold, but the kids love and support their Crypto-Coins. The odd weather will create a food shortage, and cash speaks volumes during most emergencies. My best investment advice is to stock up and keep Stacking; Gold, Silver, Crypto-Currencies, Cash, and Food! Thank you for your time. Prof.

I am neither a Webmaster, a Facebook Fanatic, or a Number!
I am Curtis. October 1, 2017
This statement is what this website is all about; Preparing for tomorrow, by escaping Debt, Stress and Worry today! First of all, the most important thought to keep in mind about me is that I am a Black Man, a Vietnam War protester, a paranoid and a conspiracy theorist from way back in the days when Ronald Reagan was the Governor of California. I ran with The Panthers. Field Marshal Richard Masato Aoki was a good friend of mine. The first car I owned had a Bumper Sticker on it that read; Question Authority! That's how life was, and it still works for me today. I am not a Webmaster, I am a frustrated artist and writer. I learned the HTML codes and applications from a cheap paperback book, back in the late 1990's.
I liked the idea of being able to create my website, and fill it with my content, and I had studied Graphic Design at San Jose State University, so I stuck with it. Along came Angelfire, an idea that was re-packaged and sold to us as Facebook. Since I had a website, I didn't get into Facebook, and I am glad of it. It turned out that Facebook, Google, and others are watching us, and tracking our movements, better than George Orwell's character Big Brother would. The best part is that Facebook Fanatics report on themselves and call it freedom. From an "O.G. perspective, the entire thought is shocking! Google is watching you!

When the Internet was first made available to the public as a utility, the idea that was sold to us in the same way that the Blockchain and Bitcoin are being sold us to us today. All new ideas are now presented to us as moves towards personal independence, away from the controls of the major corporations and into a world that we the people, we the intervenors can and will control. Oh yeah, I am quite serious. The same public Internet system, which almost every computer in the world is now connected to, was first introduced to us as an instrument of independence. When everyone is sharing the same information source, how can they be independent?

Now, they are selling us on the idea that the openness of the Blockchain will free us from the Banksters and Government controls. Like all other things and ideas that are presented to us today as advancements in freedom, in the future the Blockchain and Crypto-Currencies will also be used to monitor our behavior, guide our spending habits and take us into a "New World Order." Controlling the people is the intent and the future of the Blockchain, without a doubt. Some folks are already saying that the Blockchain will be used to control who can spend and who can receive payments. And if the "Elites" do not like what you are saying, they will just turn your chip off. Others suggest that all items on Earth will eventually be listed on the Blockchain, making ownership of property and the need for cash obsolete. The Chinese government is moving in this direction right now.

Times are changing away from independence and privacy into the hive mentality. The door we once knew as freedom, is now being slammed in our faces. The Good old days of personal privacy are almost gone. In the meantime, we as Crypto-Knights should use this opportunity in this time of Blockchain openness to set ourselves up for tomorrow, and whatever may come of it. The most extreme prediction that I have heard about the future came from the finance Guru Max Keiser. The short version is a return to a great divide between the Rich and the Poor that will become a form of modern feudalism. Those that are living large and have all, will have it big! Those that have not will have nothing. This period that we are living in right now will determine our positions in tomorrow's world and the future of our families.

The reason that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the other Crypto-Currencies are hot today is that the "Elites" have a plan for our tomorrows. This is their plan; Globalism, financial inflation and the destruction of the Federal Reserve Note. The introduction of digital currencies, digital properties, combined with a food shortage, in a cashless society, with limited movement outside of the Super-Cities, in a very hostile world that will be divided into the classes rich and poor, and this New World will exist with less and less privacy. That's it, and that's all. Plan accordingly. Prof.

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